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Installation Guide


Currently, the installation only works on linux machines.

CUMODP is using C/C++ and CUDA, so it is necessary that the gcc compiler, nvidia driver, nvcc compiler and CUDA Toolkits are installed properly.

Our library has been tested on these versions of CUDA: 2.2, 4.*, 5.0.*

Environment Variables

These are the variables that are needed to be set for installing and running the library:


Use the Makefile in the "$CUMODP_HOME" directory and simply execute "make". This command will compile and create the CUMODP library.


There are test files written in C in the "tests" directory for all of the functionalities. There is Makefiles inside of each subdirectories.

ORCCA Lab, Department of Computer Science, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7